Koshidaka HOLDINGS Group Businesses

Our main businesses include karaoke, revolving around the “Karaoke Manekineko” chain, Curves fitness club for women and our hot spring business segment that operates a range of hot spring facilities. Based on our concept of developing “new business models in existing industries”, we provide a range of products and services that contribute to the vitality and health of our customers in our role as a “total entertainment service provider”.


“Karaoke Manekineko” has continued to garner support from a broad spectrum of the community as a karaoke box providing friendly, welcoming stores that offer a safe environment and a full range of unique services for a reasonable price and has expanded to over 500 stores nationwide. Working towards the development of suburban roadside stores and urban-style stores in the shape of karaoke boxes located in front of train stations and in downtown areas, Manekineko has grown into Japan’s leading karaoke chain in terms of number of stores.

Karaoke Manekineko

Karaoke chain now moving into downtown areas.
Providing high-quality customer service based on a customer-oriented approach.

“Karaoke Manekineko” website
Karaoke Manekineko website
One Kara

Japan’s first karaoke box designed exclusively for individual customers.
With a full range of facilities, One Kara provides a new way to sing and play.

“One Kara” website
One Kara


Curves was born in the state of Texas in the US and has grown into the world’s largest fitness chain with stores all over the world. Since the establishment of Curves Japan in 2005, Curves in Japan has continued to expand its market and continues to show significant growth, even in comparison to the global market.


Promoting eternal beauty for women.
Supporting beauty and health with a simple, 30-minute program.

“Curves” website

Hot spring facilities

Koshidaka HOLDINGS operates five “Maneki no Yu” and “Lamp no Yu” hot spring facilities across Japan. These cater to a broad age demographic, including families with small children as a place to come and soak in a bath, enjoy a meal, relax and even as a venue for parties and banquets etc. We have been actively investing in these facilities in order to offer more attractive services and this is serving to attract more customers.

Maneki no Yu

In addition to baths, our hot spring facilities offer a range of fun events.
Delivering a comprehensive range of services with heart-felt hospitality.

“Maneki no Yu” website
Maneki no Yu