Corporate Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the realization of lifestyles full of leisure and to the establishment of a peaceful world filled with hope by continuing to create, offer and provide the world with new and meaningful products and services.

Our Vision

  • To pursue the creation of new business models in the exciting leisure market, which are easily accessible in terms of price, distance and time.
  • To develop optimal business models and framework that are in tune with conditions in each country, region and industry.
  • To continue to offer high-quality products and services that deliver an element of surprise and excitement based on the needs of consumers.
  • To nurture highly motivated human resources with a strong sense of entrepreneurship.
  • To harness the maximum potential of the Koshidaka Group by striving for a strong synergy between our business segments.

Behavioral Standards

  • Have a spirit of entrepreneurship
  • Have a “customers come first” mentality
  • Create new services
  • Refine our spirit of hospitality
  • Have a “morals before profit” mentality
  • Maintain equality and fairness
  • Maintain compliance
  • Maintain awareness of global environmental conservation
  • Encourage staff to educate themselves
  • Offer an abundance of opportunity

The origin and thought of the logo

The Koshidaka logo is a symbolization of “hands” representing the bond between people. It represents the spirit in which we value our staff, staff working together to help one another and the bond between our staff and our customers. The bond between people, something that we cherish most, is symbolized by this logo. It is our hope that into the future, the hands of the Koshidaka Group will grow into large, warm hands that give birth to happiness. Hand in hand, we will continue to strive to make great steps into the future.