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*as of August 2019

Net sales 65,840 million yen population icon

Operating profit 9,507 million yen chart icon

Stock price growth since the IPO 18.2 times grow icon

CAGR (since the IPO/Average per year)

leaf icon
16.7 %

Employees (Average 8hours per Day)

people icon

4,691 people

Percentage of female store managers

person icon
24.2 % (82/399 people)


since 1967 icon

52nd anniversary

Number of locations

house icon

No.1 in the country

Number of opened stores in Japan (since listed on the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange/Average per year)

chair icon
25.5 stores

The base of oversea (as of March 2020)

map icon
5 bases

Number of overseas locations

globalhouse icon
21 stores

The Number of Group companies

hand icon
13 companies

Percentage of smoke-free locations

nosmoking icon
100 %

Utilization of paper straws

straw icon
100 %